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About Our App

Cordelia is an extension-based multi-sig solution designed specifically for the efficient management of DAO treasury. Our aim is to remove a friction between holding and utilizing funds among Web3 organisations.

Interact with Dapps

Interacting with Solana dapps from multi-sig was never this easy before Cordelia. You can connect Cordelia with any dapp like a regular wallet and do the transactions. Since it is built with Solana wallet standard, just download the extension, initialise it and dapps will automatically detect it.

Stratified Quorum

Divide the owners or members of your DAO into different groups and set a custom threshold rule for every group. This option facilitates shifting of ownership from individual identity to a group identity. Multiple projects, parties or even companies can collaborate and initiate collective ownership of the funds.

Social Recovery

Forget the risk of losing funds due to a defunct or disputed DAO. Cordelia provides a feature to add recovery owners who can initiate a recovery process if DAO becomes inoperational due to any reasons such as inactivity, key loss or a game theory.

Compatability with Ecosystem

Cordelia acknowledges the existence of renowned multi-sig wallets on Solana and offers a compatible interface. At present, you can connect Squads multi-sig to any dapp using our solution, sign transactions and those will automatically added to your Squads dashboard. Realms integration is coming out in the next update.

Single-click Interface

Cordelia offers a single-page dashboard to manage every aspect of your treasury. Send or receive token or NFT, add new owner, add new stratum, remove owners, change threshold, set or remove social recovery, approve or execute transactions, all from a single-click dashboard.

Money and beyond

Cordelia aims to offer a full-scale functionality to the DAOs and web3 organisations. In this pursuit, we will add a functionality for non-monetary proposals in order to facilitate a better decision-making and enhanced governance. We also offer support for Versioned transactions and LUT. Stay tuned for more updates.

App Screenshots

Cordelia Program

Cordelia is created using Cordelia-Anchor program, an experimental multi-sig program written in Rust using Anchor Framework. The program allows the creation of multi sig instance, adding transactions in it and executing the arbitrary instructions using Cross-Program Invocations.
Multi-sig addresses are Program-Derived Addresses with no private keys. The funds in the multi-sig can only be spent with the valid signatures of the owners.

Download Cordelia Extension!

Caution: Cordelia is currently in beta. We haven't appropriately tested the program and extension for the proper security checks at this point of time. Kindly only use throwable private keys in the extension and don't deposit valuable asset. Restrict the use of the extension to the testing.